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If we look at the sales in recent years, Land Rover is definitely expanding. Since its acquisition by the Indian group Tata, the British manufacturer has finally released its newest product line, the Range Rover Evoque. And we can certainly agree it’s already a success. The British manufacturer is getting better and will be producing better sales numbers in the years to follow. The Land Rover range has a solid frame, is versatile and powerful, especially with the Range Rover series , which is also available as a sport model. With a used Land Rover, you will be the king of the road, in a very elegant, and safe vehicle. These vehicles are high quality and they will give you an excellent driving experience. Browse through our inventory and leave with a used Land Rover today!

Owner Benefits - Land Rover Canada

You knew it the instant you got behind the wheel of a Land Rover: This is where you belong. As a Land Rover Owner, you also belong to a select—and selective—group of drivers who seek their own unique brand of adventure everywhere they go. Whatever adventure means to you, Land Rover can help you find it. And maximize it.

Land Rover Defender is ready for a comeback

A new-generation Land Rover Defender will be making its debut in the next few years, and word is that it will be available again in North America. In the meantime, its 2013 European variant has undergone some changes. This is good news for Land Rover fans, mainly those who like the Defender's solidity and ruggedness. President and CEO of Jaguar Land Rover North America, Andy Goss, made the announcement on, stating that the new Defender will form part of its global range and be specially engineered to meet North American crash safety and gas emission standards. The car maker's directors also gave out some details at the Paris Motor Show.

L.A. Auto Show All About Luxury

There are lots of auto shows in North America, but Tinseltown's #Los Angeles Auto Show is definitely the shiniest one of them all. There are an awful lot of wealthy people in the area, so automakers bring out their most luxurious wares for this particular audience.

Customs Cracks Down Hard On Illegal Imports

U.S. Customs and Border Protection is cracking down hard on people who illegally import vehicles. Auto enthusiasts often import cars from other countries, usually either vintage collectables or models that can't be had here. It's a great way to get a rare or collectible piece of nostalgia, or a super car that's built for European race tracks. U.S. Customs makes allowances for "classics", vehicles that are more than 25 years old, and does not require them to meet emission and safety regulations.

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2008 Land Rover LR3

2008 Land Rover LR3

When you slide in behind the wheel, you’re instantly struck by the height of the vehicle. The view from any angle is excellent. The dashboard’s style and the odd placement of certain...

2007 Range Rover Sport

2007 Range Rover Sport

This pioneer of 4X4 steps into the third millennium keeping an edge over its competition. Although Land Rover is now property of Ford, it has been able to keep a large part of British independence...